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Kevin & Angelina

I love it, when my clients take me to places where I haven’t been before. This place in Estoril (Portugal) was amazing, with the little beach and the view of the city around it made it a perfect place to shoot this beautiful family. They have two amazing little girls who are very much alive and full of joy. I enjoyed the time I had with this family very much.


DSC_0507 DSC_0506DSC_0517DSC_0528DSC_0522DSC_0547DSC_0541DSC_0596DSC_0611DSC_0609DSC_0603DSC_0622DSC_0580DSC_0590DSC_0587DSC_0584DSC_0662DSC_0671DSC_0681DSC_0687DSC_06251DSC_0637DSC_0651DSC_05602DSC_07063DSC_0728DSC_0725DSC_0735


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