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A friend once told me

…with every child I will be learning something about myself. With both of my kids I’m learning patience. I guess that is something that I need two kids for. Patience is my weakest spot. I don’t like to wait. If I get something in my head I need to do it know. When I was ready to have kids, I wanted to get pregnant the next month. That’s when God started to teach me about patience. I got pregnant three years later. Back then I didn’t understand why God is doing that to me. Now I do, it took me four years to understand that I have to be patient because God knows when the time is right. Now I have this big ideas flying around my head and I just want to start. I’m struggling so much with patience right now. This year started differently than what I planed for. My kids, my hubby and I have been sick all January. I once read, that your new year will depend on how you spend your first three weeks. Seriously? I did take it serious, until two weeks went by and I couldn’t do much and then week three went by and I just think; ‘wow, I guess this year won’t be my year after all.’ Forth week went by and I’m just down. My baby is sick again. I lost all of my patience and than I hear his voice for the first time so clear like never before. “I’m here, I’m right with you!” It’s not about how our first three weeks go by, it’s about so much more. It’s about how I turn the three weeks around and let God lead me because he is right there with me. So, patience momma, your time will come to turn all of your Ideas into reality.
Feel free to download this little reminder that God is in your midst. (Just Click on the Picture and save it.)